About Us

About Us

Videv Consulting started of as HR Advisory and Training company in 2008. During our journey, we encountered many Small and Medium companies having challenges in managing the HR functions or getting a competent HR professional. With this in mind, we developed AIHRA for the benefits of these community.

How can we help your Business ?

AIHRA is targeted in helping Small & Medium Entrepreneurs in managing their HR Functions. The biggest challenge SMEs have is getting cost effective HR Professional who can manage the entire spectrum. Understanding this, AIHRA is designed to support SMEs in the following:

  1. Integrates all Human Resource functions
  2. Accessible via web and mobile applications
  3. Focuses in areas of limitations for SMEs
  4. Affordable package & pricing
  5. Creates uniformity in HR legal practices
  6. Creates balance & engagements for employer and employee
  7. Avoids high dependency on people (system and data)
  8. Job posting channel


RM700 Monthly Admin Fee + RM5.00 per employee monthly
Basic Package, excluding Payroll & Talent Acquisition



RM700 Monthly Admin Fee + RM10.00 per employee monthly
All packages included



M700 Monthly Admin Fee + RM7.00 per employee monthly
Basic Package + Payroll; excluding Talent Acquisition